ECSF to benefit from Irish Aid, AfDB support to enhance capacity building and policy dialogue

October 9, 2017 ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - Irish Aid Ethiopia approves a grant of approximate 1.6 Million Ethiopian Birr to the Ethiopian Charities and Societies Forum (ECSF) to support capacity building and policy dialogue with the Government. The project entitled “Keep Up the Momentum to Engage in Constructive Dialogue with Key Government Authorities and CSO Image Building” will strengthen ECSF’s effort to create enabling environment for Charities and Societies to positively contribute towards concerted national development and democratization efforts.
Following the contentious CSO legislation 621/2009, a common platform for engaging discussions and dialogues on such key strategic issues with pertinent high level government authorities, including the Prime Minister, was achieved after the establishment of ECSF in 2013. Since then the Forum has been able to serve as a platform for CSOs to have a common constituency to ensure the voices of the sector are adequately heard as key development and democratization instruments in the country.
ECSF recognizes Irish Aid Ethiopia’s consistent support capitalizes the Forum’s role to boost coordination and trust between Government and the sector. The six-month project that spans from 1st September 2017 to 28 February 2018 encompasses activities including Consultative Meeting with Consortia and Networks, High Level Dialogue Forum with The Prime Minister, Quarterly meeting with Federal and Pastoral Development Ministry, Charities and Societies Agency, and National Planning Commission, Research on CSO-Private Sector Partnership, CSO Code of Ethics Implementation follow up, CSO Image Building through Radio program, etc
Being one of the key partners of the Forum, Irish Aid, has been in the forefront supporting the Forum to create an enabling environment for the CSOs to play a critical role in implementing their development and democratization agendas through provision of capacity building.
Meanwhile, as part of its continued efforts to solicit fund from development partners, ECSF won the chance to raise fund through service cost approach from African Development Bank (AfDB) to organize training on strategic engagement to ECSF Leadership Team Members. Advocacy, lobbying and influencing capacity of leadership team members will be supplemented with technical backups to enable stakeholders to conduct productive, efficient and effective dialogue with key government authorities and other stakeholders towards the desired results.
ECSF basically represents the Charities and Societies Sector in Ethiopia including Resident Charities and Societies, Ethiopian Charities and Societies, INGOs, Mass Based and Professional Associations through their Consortia and Networks.
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