ECSF to hold capacity building workshop for Charities and Societies

Having strategic plans would enable Civil Societies and Charities to have ownership over their mission, values and activities. Moreover, it helps to measure impact overtime. However, few of CSOs and NGOs have clear strategic plans and working accordingly. Limited technical and organizational capacity are the major challenges for the sector to properly raise resources, governance, leadership and management. Strong governance and accountability mechanisms, clear strategies and local credibility are key elements to raise funds from local businesses, individuals, government and donors.

Cognizant of such challenges, ECSF initiates a capacity building workshop that may help ChSos build knowledge and skill on strategic communication, lobbying and advocacy elements. ECSF believes the day-long workshop which will be held on 2017 at Capital Hotel October 26, from 8:30a.m – 5:30a.m. would help CSO leaders to engage in productive and constructive engagement with Government and other stakeholders.

More than 30 leaders representing different organizations will participate the capacity building workshop.

For further information, please contact us.

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